“We have really enjoyed the Go Go Sports Tots classes this term - Tommi has been carrying on the class at home all week, kicking his legs, climbing and singing. It's been a great way to help him be active while also introducing him to listening and following instructions and cooperate with other children. We'll be carrying on!” (Lena)


“Thank you for this term's classes. Imogen particularly enjoyed the jumping, climbing, and balancing.“ (Owen)

The sessions are active and great fun and the children and parents take part together. Each child can decide how much or little it would like to join in with each activity.

We alternate between 2 types of sessions at Go Go Sports Tots:

* Exploring circuits & activity stations based on different topics (rolling, balancing, hungry caterpillar, colours etc.)

* Using a piece of equipment (balls, hoops, ropes, scarves etc.)

We learn new skills through various simple games & activities.

We will always end with a group or parachute game & our goodbye song.

General Information about the class:

Children and Siblings:

A parent can bring more than 1 child. There is a reduced price for additional siblings taking part. It remains the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children are safe and do not endanger others. Older siblings are welcome to join in by prior arrangement. Younger siblings can come along and watch. Buggies with babies can be parked in the hall. There are baby changing facilities in the toilets. Some but not all activities can be done with a baby in a sling / carrier.


Children and parents will be running around, rolling, bending etc. Please wear comfortable tight fitting clothes. There are no shoes aloud on the equipment. The floor is quite slippery in normal socks but bare feet, non-slip socks or gymnastics/ballet shoes are ideal. Long hair should be tied back.

Signing up for the term:

Feel free to come to a free trial before you sign up for a term. To be able to plan a good and safe session and to have enough equipment ready, I will need to know the number of families to expect. The class is designed to build confidence and form relationships between parent & child but also with the Teacher (Miriam) and amongst the children. This is why I would like you to sign up for the term. The children will also settle, make friends and progress much quicker if they can come regularly.

Missing a session:

If you let me know in advanced that you are unable to attend a session, you might come to a different session that week instead, if there is a space available. No refund can be given for missed classes.

"Thank you. We really enjoyed coming and you are very professional at conducting such an enjoyable class with so many people!" (Teresa with Charlie)

What we do in the sessions:

Testimonial: "Thanks to Miriam for some amazing sessions, run with kindness, knowledge, and enthusiasm to encourage the children to try out all kinds of new things, develop sporty skills and confidence, and - most importantly - to have lots of fun. I love that we do things together and that the children are able to take part in ways that they want to. I have also picked up lots of great ideas for games to play together outside of the classes." (Kerry)

Gogo helps in class

​​​​Go Go Sports Tots

The Fun Multi-Skill Sports Class for 2-4 year olds & parents - Kinderturnen 

Photos below are from one of our sessions: Lots of sporty activities around the topic of  rainbow colours . 


"We are really enjoying the class and would love to carry on.”  (Alex)

"Thank you for a lovely session this morning - Hana's enjoying it more and more." (Jan)

“You are such a super star!! Could we have more parachute action because Milly just adores it.” (Cam)

 "I wished it was Go Go Day every day. I can't wait till next week!" (Eirlys 4 years)